Resolution 3.1 (c) of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) defines shark finning as: the practice to cutting of and retaining the fin and discarding into the sea the rest of the shark’s body”. 

We are aware that shark finning contravenes the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing and the FAO International Plan of Action for the conservation and Management of Sharks.

For these reasons (FISHCORP S.A.), taking into account the management measures applied by the Regional Organisations (RFMOs) and the national and international norms for the conservation of marine life, has established and incorporate into all aspects of its commercial tuna policy the following poins:

1) We condemn and forbid shark finning.

2) We avoid commercial dealings with vessels which have been identified by the Regional Organizations (RFMOs) or by national/international authorities as practitioners of shark finning.

3) We avoid commercial dealings with any company which has not forbidden and condemned the practice of shark finning. 

November 2, 2020

Jaime Estrada Medranda – Authorized signature

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